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Dockers Alpha Stretch British Khaki
Nice pants, thick fabric (so more for winter / spring / autumn) good fit if you like Slimfit. sufficiently narrow pipes.
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  • Fit
  • Slim fit
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  • Less for summer

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Coffee, curry and mulberry juice - How the khaki pants got their name. Khaki, chino or also Dockers - that's what the sporty and elegant summer trousers are called. They are best worn when jeans are too casual and trousers are too formal. There are several stories about the genesis of the khaki pants. Yet it has only been very popular since the early 1980s. Combined with a blazer and boat shoes, it was the favorite pair of American students. Ralph Lauren copied this look and made it world famous. In 1986 Levi Strauss launched the internationally successful casual pant under the name Dockers. However, the pants themselves are much older.

The traces go back to India in 1848. Sometimes the commander of a British regiment, Sir Harry Lumsden, had the idea of smearing his soldiers' bright white uniforms with a mixture of coffee, curry and mulberry juice to make them better. were resistant to the ubiquitous dust. The new color was enthusiastically received and the Indians called it Kaki, which in Hindi refers to the color of the material or earth. The name chino was not created until spacious seventy years later. There is a legend that tells that soldiers stationed in the Philippines were equipped with these oyster-strong pants. The pants were made in Manchester, sold to China and then re-exported to the Philippines. The Americans later took their pants home and suspected the place of origin, chino. Whether you choose chinos or Dockers Khaki, such pants can be worn on almost any occasion and can be combined with many clothing. Teddy Roosevelt is also said to have worn khaki pants during his safari in Africa.
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