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Izod Corporation

Izod is a relatively new brand for us in the Netherlands. It shares the same parent company as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. As a brand they are inspired by the Ivy League schools, and this term stands for a certain selectivity and is sporty, young and modern.

IZOD Sweaters

Sweaters, zip sweater and pullover are all names for a men's sweater. They have small specific details that distinguish them but at the core they are sweaters. If there is a short zipper on the front, we call it the Zip Sweater. Sometimes there can be a difference in the thickness of the sweater, for example a pullover will often be thinner, because you can easily wear it over a shirt. The sweaters from IZOD are characterized by the perfect mix between sporty and timeless. IZOD been around for a long time as a brand and therefore makes sweaters that each year have details that are new, or that are surprising but are intended to be worn for a longer period of time. In addition, the IZOD sweaters are great to wear to casual occasions or a sporty day out. The pullovers and zip sweaters can be combined with a shirt underneath, which makes your outfit smart casual.

IZOD Collection

The men's sweaters from IZOD can mainly be found in calm color tones, to always be a solid addition to your daily outfit, but also so that you will enjoy it again next season. In our opinion, the fit of IZOD is a Modern fit. It is subtly fitted and fits comfortably around the body, ideal to keep moving freely!
Popular IZOD Sweaters
IZOD SweatersSpecial offerPrice
IZOD Fleece Sweater Sport Flex Red Special offer! £ 39.95
IZOD Fleece Sweater Sport Flex Light Grey Special offer! £ 39.95
IZOD Casual Sweater Red £ 44.95
IZOD Casual Sweater Blue £ 44.95
IZOD Pullover Pineapple Blue Special offer! £ 30.19
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