-  Tuesday, 26 February  |  Ekk
Levi's T-shirt V-Neck Black 2-Pack
in itself good quality, sizes are a bit tight. don't know yet how well they will hold their shape
  Thank you for your feedback! We would love to hear how the shirts will hold up.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 2 October  |  P.
Levi's T-shirt Round Neck White 2-Pack
The collar is a bit spacious, was not what I expected. Too bad, I bought 20 shirts.
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 -  Tuesday, 6 October  |  E.
Levi's 511 Jeans Slim Fit 0709
Coincidentally saw what I was looking for on the internet / [site name] Shop.
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 -  Tuesday, 20 January  |  Karel
Levi's Jeans 501 Original Fit 0162
Levi is always good. every time again!!
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 -  Sunday, 11 April  |  Dick
Levi's T-Shirt V-Neck Grey 2Pack
Awesome! Fit and quality are top notch.
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  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Price
 -  Wednesday, 18 April  |  René
Levi's T-shirt Logo Print Graphic Grey
Perfect and fast delivery.
  How nice to hear René! See you next time at [site name].   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 29 December  |  Jan
Levi's Socks Cotton 2-Pack Black 844
pleasant to wear
  Thanks for the review, Jan! Hope to see you soon and have fun with the socks.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Levi's Men's Clothing and Jeans Online at Suitable

Levi’s is probably the most iconic jeans brand in the world. Everyone knows it, and many of us own a pair of Levi’s jeans. Buy your iconic Levi’s jeans online at suitable we have the perfect pants waiting for you.

Where it all started: Levi’s jeans

In 1847, German-Jewish immigrant and textile seller Oskar Levi Strauss emigrated to the United States, together with his mother and two sisters. They eventually moved to San Francisco in 1853 to try their luck during the Gold Rush. It was only in 1872 that the iconic jeans were created when tailor Jacob David contacted Levi Strauss to apply reinforcements on crucial parts in (denim) trousers by the use of rivets. A patent application was made by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss for this, nowadays indispensable invention in 1873.

Today we call these trousers blue jeans: Levi’s 501 Original. What started as an item of clothing for the workers became the uniform of progress. The blue denim jeans with rivets were unique at the time but quickly conquered the world. About 30 years later, the Levi men’s jeans were, therefore, a worldwide concept. Since then, Levi’s continued to innovate with new jeans and expand the clothing collection to include sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, shirts, and other items. Levi’s is also the home to the Dockers and Denizen brands. However, the real classics have always remained: the Levi’s 501 and the Levi’s 511.

Levi’s products and production

Levi’s men’s jeans are made out of 100% denim cotton. Levi’s jeans have great durability and comfort. What also makes these jeans expensive. Denim cotton itself has a unique history. The name originates from Nimes, France. Originally only made from wool, it developed from a wool-cotton mixture to a product solely made of cotton at the end of the 17th century. Initially used for making sails, innovative sailors thought this strong and subtle material would fit to make a great pair of pants.

Levi’s made progress

Levi’s values innovation and therefore continued innovating after launching the first pair of jeans. For instance, several classic jeans, such as the Levi’s 512 and the Levi’s 501. Besides jeans, this trendy brand provides much more; Levi’s t-shirts and Levi’s sweaters. You can find socks and Levi’s boxer shorts as well! This popular men’s brand is well represented at Suitable. Shop your Levi’s men’s clothing online or visit one of the local, Suitable stores.

Levi’s men’s jumpers and sweaters

A cold winter day? A cool evening on the terrace? Whatever the reason, a Levi’s men’s sweater will keep you nice and warm! For example, go for Levi’s sweater with the iconic red logo on the chest, paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers. Perfect! Levi’s sweaters are available in various colors and have a comfortable fit. Levi’s collection of men’s hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts are made of 100% organic cotton. Levi’s clothing is ideal for endless combinations. Make it casual or trendy.

Are Levi’s good jeans ?

At the top of the list is the Levi’s Men’s 501 Original, a comfortable classic with a good fit and versatility. Levi’s jeans are known for their “true fit,” which means the waist and inseam measurements are precise as ordered. The top 8 Levi’s® Jeans for Men: 501® ORIGINAL. 502™ TAPER. 502™ taper Fit Jeans have slightly more room than the 501® Original, with a leg that narrows at the ankle. 505™ REGULAR. The first jean that was made with a zip fly closure. 510™ SKINNY. 511™ SLIM. 512™ SLIM TAPER. 514™ STRAIGHT. 541™ ATHLETIC TAPER. Levi’s is just about the best pair of jeans you can get for a reasonable price.

Levi’s 501

The Levi’s 501 was the very first model that Levi’s launched. The number 501 refers to the first shipment of blue cotton shipped to America from Nimes in France to produce Levi’s jeans. This Levi 501 became the forerunner of all other Levi jeans. This model’s characteristic is the button closure, the width around the hips, and the straight legs. During the early years of Levi’s success, this Levi’s 501 has remained unchanged. The men’s jeans were sewn on a piece of denim measuring precisely 71cm/28inch wide so that the so-called selvage fell exactly on the outside of the legs. As the success grew, so did the production. After 1984 the 501 jeans were made on larger looms for faster and more precise production. More than 130 years later, the Levi’s 501 is still a great success. It has become a real collector’s item!

Levi’s 511

The Levi’s 511 is also an iconic model of men’s jeans today. The cool pants have a modern, slim fit with a slimmer leg. Favorite with many trendy men who love a casual look! The 511 jeans offer a lot of comfort and room to move and are, therefore, a true classic.

Levi’s 512

Levi’s 512 Slim Taper jeans are the new classic. It’s a cut slim from hip to the ankle with a gradual taper. Offering comfort and freedom of movement. Made with 98% cotton, it contends the right amount of stretch, which is for all-day comfort. Slimmer leg than Levi’s 511, modern, slim-fit five-pocket jeans.

Levi’s online

Suitable offers a wide range of Levi’s assortment, with Levi’s jeans, Levi’s t-shirts, Levi’s polos, and long sleeves. We are happy to help you find the right item, determine the best size, or put together a new outfit. Would you like to have any advice, for example, about purchasing a new Levi’s jeans? Feel free to visit our Suitable stores or on the website.

Levi’s cardigan’s and iconic denim jackets

This American brand is an authentic denim enthusiast. This also reflects in the overshirts or denim jackets Levi’s produces. The brand has several colors of their jeans overshirts, and this item is a true collector’s item when loving jeans garments.

Socks and Boxers

As mentioned before, the brand evolved and expanded its collection. So that is why Levi’s started producing boxers and socks and plain white T-shirts as well. Although praised for their jeans, the brand sells a lot of underwear.

Popular Levi's
Levi'sSpecial offerPrice
Levi's T-Shirt Graphic Logo White £ 29.95
Levi’s 512 Jeans Slim Taper Fit Blue £ 99.95
Levi's Sweater Graphic Logo Pink £ 70.95
Levi’s 512 Jeans Slim Taper Blue Special offer! £ 99.95
Levi's Original Sweater Grey Heather £ 61.95
Levi's Graphic Hoodie Black £ 61.95
Levi's Barstow Shirt Blue £ 79.95
Levi’s 511 Jeans Dark Grey Slim Fit Special offer! £ 61.65
Levi's Boxershorts 2-Pack Uni Black £ 19.95
Levi's Jeans 501 Original Fit 0162 £ 74.95
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