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Linen Blazer

Linen is a natural product and textile that is made from the flax plant. Linen thread is the strongest natural fiber that exists and is therefore very durable and tear resistant. The more often it is used, the softer it feels and the stronger it becomes. Linen has natural ventilation which makes it feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Super comfortable to wear and it is a durable product so you will enjoy it much longer!

Linen Colbert

We know from Linen that it also has a small disadvantage, the material creases easily and for casual/ leisure occasions this is not such a problem, but if you want to wear it for business, it is neater not to arrive completely in the wrinkles. For that reason, Suitable likes to use a mix of various materials within Colberts. The main focus is on a combination of quality, comfort and fashion. A linen men's blazer is ideal to wear in the spring and summer months to formal or festive occasions. A complete suit is not comfortable with these temperatures and we have also seen in recent years that the linen men's blazer is gaining ground compared to the complete suit.

Combine Linen Blazer

There are a number of classic combinations that you always score well with. Combining a dark blue linen blazer with Khaki chino is timeless! Colored linen blazer (Green, Yellow or red) are often because of the linen material in a soft color combined with a white, Gray or blue chino. Turn your pants pain over 1 or 2 times and style it off with a chic moccasin or smooth slip-on! Linen is a very delicate and elegant fabric. That's why many of our blazers are made of linen to give a nice look. So order your linen blazers now at Suitable.
Popular Linen Men's Sports Jackets | One stop solution in men's fashion
Linen Men's Sports Jackets | One stop solution in men's fashionSpecial offerPrice
Suitable Blazer Stravos Navy Special offer! £ 119.95
Suitable Prestige Blazer Lauderdale Check Special offer! £ 123.36
Suitable Prestige Blazer Augustine Special offer! £ 123.36
Suitable Blazer Stravos Grey Special offer! £ 119.95
Suitable Blazer Stravos Red Special offer! £ 119.95
Suitable Blazer Delray Beige £ 159.95
Suitable Blazer Delray Grey £ 159.95
Suitable Prestige Blazer Tollegno Brown Special offer! £ 169.95
Suitable Prestige Blazer Tollegno Indigo Special offer! £ 169.95
Suitable Prestige Blazer Tampa Indigo £ 179.95
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