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A Suitable men’s dress suit is handcrafted. The rich selection of fabrics mostly comes from the best weavers in Italy. Due to many details incorporated in the designs, such as a contrasting undercollar, colored lining with contrasting piping and AMF stitching, kissing buttons and pick stitched lapels, Suitable dress suits have the most luxurious appearance for an affordable price.

Buying a suit

Suitable suits for men have various fits, from very tight (slim-fit) to a wider fit (regular-fit). At Suitable you can find suits for several occasions, both business wear as well as party outfits. We know all about dress codes, wherefore we can guide you with do’s and don’ts. Looking for a suit in the summer? A suit is not necessarily warm! Take a look at our linen suits.

Suits for men

When it comes to business wear for men, the dress suit is undoubtedly the most important. A good suit is simple and straightforward and guarantees a well-groomed appearance. Both in the business world as well as when it comes to special occasions, looks are often imposed by certain dress codes. 
For instance, many companies value a good navy or dark grey suit, while a light blue suit is a popular option for a party. A well-fitting suit in the right color builds trust and respect, in addition to a creating a strong appearance.

A well-fitting suit for men

There is no such thing as a worldwide, universal dress code. The criteria for a perfect business, whether it should be a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, vary from country to country. A trendy business suit is tightly fitted. Nowadays, most models have jackets with two buttons, there are however jackets with three buttons available as well. The buttons on the two-button models are slightly lower positioned, which creates a more tailored silhouette.

Men’s suits

A suit for men is a suit for men. Yet, even a suit is subjected to fashion. Although most companies still prefer grey and dark blue suits, freedom of choice is increasing. Many options in models, patterns, fabrics and colors (such as black, greyish blue, green and even camel) are available.

Suits from €159,- to €499,-. Suitable is the place to be for tailored qualitative, high-end suits.

Suitable offers 3 ranges of suits of its own:
Trend:        Technical blends of viscose and polyester, cotton or wool. From €159,-
Premium:    Only high-end Italian fabrics, at least Super100, 100% pure wool. From €249,-
Luxury:    Exclusive collection of Italian weavers Cerruti, Marzotto, Guabello and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Super120, Super 130, 100% pure wool. From €299,-

The price difference depends on the choice of fabric and the way of finishing. The more expensive the suit, the more handcraft and detailing. For example: kissing buttons, colored undercollar, ‘Columbian stitch’ on the inside of the blazer and pick stitched lapels.

What is Super100 wool?

There are many types of wool and these can be processed in many different ways. Super100 wool means that the fabric is woven with thinner thread than ‘normal’ wool. A hundred kilometers of thread is made from one kilo of wool. With Super 110 it means 110 kilometers, and so forth.
The bigger the number behind Super, the thinner the thread that was used, the lighter and smoother the fabric feels.

The advantage of using thinner thread is that it can be processed more beautiful, which creates a better fit for a men’s suit. Furthermore, the fabric is lighter and more breathing. Which is comfortable when you have to wear it on a warm day or in a warm environment. Suitable offers a wide range of choice of woolen suits.

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Suitable Suit Strato Dark Green £ 214.95
Suitable Suit Strato Light Navy £ 214.95
Suitable Suit Lucius Lyon Blue £ 214.95
Suitable Prestige Suit Checks Navy £ 284.95
Suitable Prestige Suit Faux Checks Navy £ 259.95
Suitable Lucius Suit Dark Blue £ 214.95
Suitable Lucius Suit Blue £ 214.95
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