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Style is eternal, is the well-known saying. A leather jacket is a timeless classic and a must-have for your wardrobe. Choose a leather jacket that suits your style and personality and enjoy endless wearing comfort!
Leather jackets have become a fashion staple since the 1950s. From the nozems to the pilots, everyone had one. They were praised for their warmth and fashionable look. In the meantime, the leather jacket has still not disappeared and is still a high fashion symbol.

A leather jacket for men is modern and timeless at the same time!

Do you want to buy good quality garments? Then choose one of the leather men's jackets in the Suitable collection. We are proud of our collection of men's jackets from the luxury brand Arma. The Dutch brand Arma has specialized in making and selling great leather collections since 1985. With a leather jacket from Arma you choose great quality and craftsmanship, a jacket that you will enjoy for years to come.

A stylish jacket that you can wear with everything

With a leather jacket you can actually go in any direction. Wear it comfortably over your favorite hoodie or sweater or with a more formal shirt. You can opt for a black one, for example with a biker look or for a brown or camel-colored jacket. A leather jacket is breathable, has a luxurious appearance and adapts to your body over time. The jacket you choose now could therefore become your new favorite jacket in the coming years.

Stay warm in the winter

Even in the coldest season you can take to the streets in a leather jacket for men. Winter or autumn, you are protected against inclement weather. Leather has an insulating property, so a leather winter jacket for men is a wise purchase!

With all the precipitation in the Netherlands, from rain to snow, it is important to take extra care of a leather jacket for men in winter. This way the material remains as beautiful as possible.

How to maintain a leather jacket?

It is advisable to maintain your leather jacket with a specially made spray. You can find this at the shoemaker or with the maintenance products at Suitable. Have you unexpectedly made a stain on your jacket? Then contact a specialized company to have this treated. Leather is a natural material, which means that two products can never be identical. If you purchase a leather jacket, you will buy a beautiful unique item that you can enjoy for years to come. Order a leather jacket and experience the sublime fit and wearing comfort.

Leather jacket

Leather is a natural product with its own characteristic features and nuances. Before the leather can be used for clothing, it is tanned first, which makes the material indefinitely durable. A leather men's jacket is a timeless item that, if properly maintained, will last for many years. Proper care for your new leather jacket will help keep the leather strong, preventing it from cracking, tearing and drying out. Annual maintenance is sufficient. If the surface is smooth, we recommend wiping it clean with a cloth and mild soap or detergent. Then you hang it out, preferably in a place with a lot of air circulation.

Various leather jackets

Few pieces of clothing are as powerful and distinctive as a leather men's jacket. Know that there is a great diversity within this range. The most famous is the Flight Jacket, also called Pilot Jacket. As the name says, this variant is known for the thickness of the leather and the somewhat looser fit. Pilots wore these coats as they still flew at high speed in open cockpits. The model of the bomber jacket comes from the Flight Jacket, this model also has a somewhat looser fit, but this variant is usually made of thinner quality. This model is perfect to wear in spring and fall. Then follows the Racer Jacket, the most minimalist model of all. Often this model is a bit slimmer with little to no details. The Biker jacket is the 'bad boy' among leather jackets. Made for motorsport, you can often recognize it by its asymmetrical zippers and fit, perfect for the bikers to lean forward without the jacket getting caught.
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